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Examen de l'accord juridique

Terms and Conditions


  •     Each lesson lasts 55 minutes.

  •     You may choose to purchase single lessons or a pack of 5 or 10 lessons. Packs of lessons offer a greater discount.

  •     We recommend that you book your lessons at least one week in advance with your teacher for a greater choice of time slots.

  •      Lessons start and end as scheduled. If a student arrives late or leaves earlier, the class time missed is neither refundable nor can it be rescheduled.

Payment policy

  •    Lessons must be paid 24 hours prior to the first class at the latest.

  •    Payment can be done online via this website, via Paypal or by bank transfer.

Cancellation policy

  •    If you can’t attend a lesson you have booked, you must notify your teacher at least 24 hours before the scheduled start time.

  •    Past 24 hours prior to the lesson, the student will be charged at the regular rate unless case of emergency or sickness.

  • La Boîte à French reserves the right to cancel or reschedule a lesson in case of emergency or sickness

Duration of packs and reimbursement policy

  •    If you purchase a single lesson, you have one month to take this lesson.

  •    The 4 lesson-package expires 12 weeks after the date of purchase. After 12 weeks, lessons not taken will be lost.

  •    The 6,8,10,12 lesson-packages expires 24 weeks after purchase date. After 24 weeks, lessons not taken will be lost.

  •    The student can’t obtain reimbursement for lessons not taken.

Confidentiality clause

  •    Any information that is transmitted to us through our website, such as your name, Skype ID, email address remain confidential.

  •    La Boîte à French uses your personal information for educational purposes only and to better understand your learning needs.

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