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Instagram to learn French?

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

There is a lot of interesting content on Instagram. Many accounts present little videos about current matters and with subtitles! It's the best way to mix our addiction to social media and our will to learn a new language!!!

Below are the accounts that I recommend:

  • LOOPSIDER : Regarder, Comprendre, Partager (Starting at level A2-B1+)

  • BRUT OFFICIEL: Société de médias et d'actualité (Starting at level A2-B1+)

  • HUGO DECRYPTE: Each day the recap of the news (Starting at level A2-B1+)

  • HUGO DECRYPTE - POP: Each day 5 news about musique, series, movies, gaming...)(Starting at level A2-B1+)

  • HUGO DECRYPTE - SPORT : Each day news about sport!(Starting at level A2-B1+)

  • KONBINI: Interviews on many different subjects (Starting at level A2-B1+)

  • TOPITO: Quirky Media (Starting B2+)

  • ARTE: French cultural channel (Starting B2+)

  • FRANCE INFO: Global News Explained (Starting B1-B2+)

  • FRANCE INFO VIDEO: Interviews (Starting B1-B2+)

  • EPICURIEUX: Learn about everything. Simple explanations about many subjects (A2-B1+)

  • NEO TV: Interviews & Reports (B1+)

  • And of course LA BOITE A FRENCH: Vocabulary, songs, movies, books, podcast, I search everything to help you find french ressources!

Do you follow any other accounts? Let me know!

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