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Really in Love with France? Switch to 100% Made in France!!!

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

So you love France, french language and french culture. Why not pushing your love to make your life a little more French?

I have absolutely no affiliate in this post, just suggestions of things I use everyday to support local companies and local economy! Plus, apps et websites based in Europe, mainly in France, have to obey the European rules of privacy which other big social media avoid by choosing Ireland for their headquarters...

So how to be a little more french?

Do you love the Swedish company Spotify?

But did you know France has the equivalent?

Founded in 2007, only 1 year after Spotify, DEEZER is the most popular French online music service and it's available in 180 countries! There is a free version with ads and a paid version without ads. You can skip 5 songs an hour with the free version. With 73 millions of titles, podcasts, local radios etc... you will have the same choice as the other popular music streaming platforms and support a french company!

Ok, now we got you covered and ready to discover more podcasts in french, french music and french radio.

How about videos then? Do we have the equivalent to Youtube? Yes we do!!!!

Our own French online video streaming service is called Dailymotion. Founded in 2005 in France, it's now available in 149 countries. It's free, no premium service being pushed ;)

No need to be registered or logged in to watch the videos. And there is so much less ads. Of course, being less popular than Youtube, some things are just not available there.

For Instagram and Facebook, I do not know of a viable alternative. But we do have our own Whatsapp!

And it's ecofriendly!!! The more you text, the more tree they plant!!!! Similar as the browser Ecosia, Treebal plants tree for every message sent. They are very transparent about their projects and they claim to protect our data and not sell it to advertisers. They are still a small company, and only available to Europe, but I hope they will grow big! They do not have call and video calls, only messaging.

For the browser, there is no good French alternative.

But as mentioned above, Ecosia is ecofriendly and based of Berlin, in Germany. While it's not France, it's Europe and the data is much more protected than with US or China based browsers!

Voilà! I hope I helped you being a little bit closer from your french dream!

à bientôt!


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