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What do the French really eat!?

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Have you ever learned a language for hours, made sure you knew all the food vocabulary, learned all the sentences for travelling, and once you arrive in the country, you open a menu, and you don't know half the dishes on the menu...?!?

It's perfectly normal, many dishes have special names, some ingredient dont exist in your country.

Unfortunately, you end up ordering pizza or burger because that's all your know...

I would love to help out and share what real french people eat and explain dishes that you might not know!

No, we do not eat croissant everyday for breakfast. Most of us never ate snails, and when we do it's once or twice a year maximum.

Here is my Instagram where I post "Plat du Jour" (dish of the day)

Here is my Pinterest where I share recipes

Do you have a favorite recipe? or a favorite French dish? Share in the comments!

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